The terroir

Between the regions of Anjou and Saumur, the Domaine enjoys an exceptional Terroir (weather conditions, type of soil, grape varieties) to produce quality wines in appellation (aoc) Saumur and Saumur Puy-Notre-Dame.

The Terroir
The 26 ha of the Domaine are planted with Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc on 2 types of soils : one made of hard limestone, flint and clay (Jurassique), and the other one made of sand and clay (Turonien). They both allow a good water drainage.

The Grape Varieties
The vineyard is mainly planted with Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc.
Cabernet Franc particularly enjoys our jurassiq soil of limestone and clay, following fruity and supple wines with a good ageing potential.
Chenin Blanc, native from anjou, is the most caracteristic grape variety of the loire valley. Its strenght comes from its capacity to express in the wine the minerality from the soil. It produces top ranked wines with aromas of fruits and flowers.
On the Domaine du vieux pressoir, we also have the Chardonnay, which is perfectly used in a blend with Chenin to elaborate our sparkling wine.

The Climate
Our vineyards suddens a temperate oceanic climate, which allow to harvest at an optimal ripness.

The Topography
The vineyard is planted at an altitudes of 80 meters.
The massif of the Mauges is situated 40 km West of Puy-Notre-Dame, and stops a big part of the rainfalls and avoid the risks of frosting. It gives a perfect maturing of the grapes, harvested from september to october.

Cultural Methods
The selection of the grapes and the winemaking technics are being given a constant and mituculous treatment.
The different tasks in the vineyard are carried out with respect and in search of quality :
– Pruning : to distribute equally the bunches of grapes on the vine and to let it adapt
– De-budding : to maintain a good potential crop
– Leaf-thinning : to favor a better maturing of the grapes and to aerate to avoid the development of grey mould
– Grass cover : to compete reasonably with the vine and to allow it to draw all the nutrients deep in the soil

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